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Welcome to Tuhy Team of Trust Realty (formerly, Amigas Realty), your trusted source for Minnesota bilingual real estate services.  When you list with us, your property gains maximum exposure among the most quickly increasing homebuying demographic in Minnesota. 
We serve Minneapolis, St. Paul, suburbs, and even outer Minnesota, because we all
know it may be a great idea
to relocate to a better buyers' market, and what fun that
would be!

Christine Tuhy

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If you've been in the Minneapolis bilingual culture over the last 20 years, chances are you've heard of Christine Tuhy, co-founder of Amigas Realty (2004-2021). Tuhy found her path to real estate after taking on an independent language study in Costa Rica.


With a degree in Spanish and Communications, she is a teacher and an advocate at heart, and her clients keep coming back because she is easy to trust and explains the process clearly. She's navigated the changing real estate climate since 2002, and in the process, developed expertise in first-time buyers, new investors, distressed properties, short-sales, and foreclosures.


She now passes all of this experience and expertise on to her team, which includes her son, Sam Tuhy and Marco Panora, who are both Minnesota licensed real estate agents.

Sam Tuhy


Sam Tuhy has been around the real estate business his whole life. The month he was born, Christine Tuhy (his mother) had four closings. He's been accompanying her on showings since he was in a car seat, and so it makes sense that he would launch his career as a real estate investor as early as possible. Sam is the founder of Golden Stones Masonry, LLC, where he specializes in chimneys, retaining walls, and patios. He speaks English and Spanish, and plans to get his general contractor's license and be a real estate developer working to innovate environmentally sensible real estate solutions.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!


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