Rodolfo (Rudy) Trujillo

Bilingual Accountant / Enrolled Agent /

Real Estate Agent / Real Estate Principal Broker


With over 25 years serving the public as an accountant and a Licensed Agent,  Rudy Trujillo has helped individuals and given them a professional source they could trust for personal taxes, business taxes, negotiating with the IRS and even in finding the home of their dreams. Rudy cares enough about his community to give them the answers they need to maneuver through difficult red tape and realize their ultimate goals. It is this steadfast dedication to his community that has pushed him to thrive in Real Estate as well as Accounting. 

Trust Realty was started and named after the word that meant the most to Rudy in his professional career. He has worked hard to earn his community's trust and continues to make trust the focus of his stewardship in a community building role. Trust Realty wants to help you find your dream home, but even more, we want to help you find your community.

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